You must say goodbye!

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Real Madrid’s record in recent seasons has not been satisfactory. Marcelo is probably the most impressed. His playing time and number of starts are gradually shrinking. Fleeing from the mode of struggle, but falling into a more pessimistic mood. So far this season, Marcelo has only played once, and to be precise, he only has 2 minutes of time to appear on the bench. This is exactly in line with the previous media reports: “Marcelo is no longer in Ancelotti’s plan.”

At the left-back position, Real Madrid has not yet reached the point of peace of mind. After all, last season’s main player Mendy has been absent for 5 months due to injury. Nacho and teenager Miguel Gutierrez are only temporarily fighting the fire. According to logic, the 33-year-old Marcelo is fully qualified for the substitute role, but his vitreous body is no longer able to wear flowers and butterflies like before. The Brazilian himself is an offensive and defensive defender. “There is still an evaluation of the “double-edged sword”. Now it is reasonable to be abandoned under the condition of increasing age and injuries. Marcelo losing his speed is tantamount to breaking his arm.

Last summer, when it was rumored that he was about to join Juventus and meet his friends Ronaldo, he personally refuted the rumors: “I don’t want to leave Real Madrid. I don’t think Real Madrid will let me go.” But Real Madrid has experienced the first time in 11 years. After a season of “Big Four”, it is no longer limited to the adjustment of the main change of the bench. It has become the new theme of the Galaxy Warship again. Ramos, who has played for Real Madrid for 16 years, takes into account the image of the captain and the flag, but it can’t constitute anymore. Continuing the basic conditions of the front edge, don’t forget that he also created the miracle of “9248”. In this way, it is a pity that Marcelo, who has played for 14 years, parted ways with Real Madrid, but it is not unexpected. The cleansing of exquisite Madridists such as Hierro, Raul, Guti, and Cassie is still fresh in my memory, even in the history of the team. The shooter Ronaldo has also been ridiculed by small fans with the banner of “who needs Ronaldo?”.

It has been recorded that the generals’ spirited spirits are destined to be a special chapter when they miss each other. However, the competitive world has always been performance-oriented. Peaks and troughs are inevitable. Enjoying glory and aspirations will follow. It is to protect one’s own people with seniority and prestige, even if the galaxy battleship will become a flat boat. Perhaps there are always people who are disgusted with Lafayette’s “killing without pardon” attitude towards meritorious players, but he is not in his position and does not seek his own government. As the helm, he seems cold-blooded and has his own sense of mission, but public opinion is easy to swallow his voice. It can also be said that feelings are easy to blind the eyes of the outside world.

As a defender, Marcelo’s Real Madrid career has been quite successful. He has already surpassed his predecessor Carlos in 529 appearances. He is the second most foreign player in Real Madrid’s history. He also scored 38 goals and 101 assists. How did he become the favorite of the team when he projected his peak, and even after Ramos left the team, he was elected as the first foreign captain in the history of Real Madrid since 1904. But “I am proud and fortunate to be the captain of the best club in the world.” It took only three months to speak from the bottom of my heart. Real Madrid is already planning to break up with him peacefully. The gap from heaven to hell is nothing more than that, he thought. After all, old age is wishful thinking.

In fact, the signs of a breakup have been buried long ago. Solari disliked Marcelo’s overweight weight. Zidane who entered the palace rumored to have a fierce quarrel with him before a certain game. Although he denied it, he was ruled out. Outside of the big roster, it seems to be verifying speculations, and the good old man Ancelotti decided to shuffle the cards shortly after taking office, not to mention the left back played by Alaba, who successfully staged his first La Liga debut. “Alaba is very active on the offensive level and has very physical fitness. Abundant, the team sometimes can’t even keep up with him.” The Italian coach’s words are like a catch to Marcelo. Recently, it is rumored that Mendy’s return from injury is getting closer and that Alaba can transition to a central defender, and the same Even though Marcelo, who was recuperating from his injuries, hired a private team for rehabilitation, he could not change his identity as an audience member on the bench.

It’s a normal emotional reaction for Real Madrid fans to leave. Feelings are a lingering word. Of course, it’s not the first time Real Madrid fans have adapted and experienced the bitterness of farewell, but the optimistic Marcelo Not only did he bring a contagious smile, but he also followed the path taken by his predecessor Robert Carlos and walked out a path full of flowers, becoming one of the best left-backs in football at a certain stage. Four Champions League champions and five La Liga champions have poured his youth, and the Brazilian has also tattooed the “big ears” pattern on his thighs, which is a spiritual totem that is proud of his effectiveness.

Under the disturbance, Marcelo did not respond to the rumors that Real Madrid would not renew his contract. He was only posting photos on his personal social platforms, or this was the real pain and silence. In the first season of Real Madrid fourteen years ago, the fledgling player only played 6 games due to injuries. At that time, the successor whom Carlos was optimistic about naturally had the courage to come to Japan. Fourteen years later, with injuries, age, and rookies Marcelo in the folder is tired physically and mentally, and time is so cruel sometimes.

In the competitive world, “eternity” is an illusory term. It cannot be said to be absolute sadness or joy. Fortunately, there is no definitive official announcement for Real Madrid. Secondly, some people, some things, have always lived in Real Madrid. In the hearts of the fans, the Brazilian Elf is as conspicuous in the memory as his unkempt head. But if this day is really coming, will Marcelo respond with tears or silence? After all, Real Madrid has given him the most graceful time in his career, and his promise to “pass on the skills and experience of young players” a few months ago could not be fulfilled in time. The combination of goodness and regret is probably the reason for bidding farewell to the heavy. Maybe That’s why he avoided talking about it.

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