Top 10 parents and children who triumphed in soccer

Top 10 parents and children who triumphed in soccer缩略图

Many children when they are young want to follow in the footsteps of their father and the world of football is no stranger to this circumstance. The latest case to come to light is that of Roko Šimić, the son of Croatian defender Dario, and whom Milan is following closely.

Next, let’s see those children of soccer players who also decided to dedicate themselves to soccer. Have the students managed to outperform the teacher?

Cesare and Paolo Maldini, European champions

The Maldini family name will be eternally linked to Milan. Up to four generations have worn the Rossonera shirt. Cesare was the first to do it for 12 seasons, then came his son Cesare who also spent most of his career in Milan with which he won the first Cup in the club’s history. His son Paolo played his entire career for Milan and is considered one of the best defenders in history and a legend at San Siro. Upon his retirement, they also removed the bib number 3 in his honor.

After Paolo came his sons, Christian who currently plays for Pro Sesto, and Daniel who plays as a forward for Milan. We will see how far they manage to enlarge the legend of this mythical family.

Johan and Jordi Cruyff 

One of the great surnames in football history, Cruyff. It is not necessary to remember the career of Johan, what he contributed to this sport and the mark he left in Ajax or FC Barcelona, ​​because we are facing one of the greatest footballers who has stepped on a pitch. The name Cruyff weighed too much on Jordi since matching his father’s legacy was simply impossible. He still had a good run, but we already know that comparisons are hideous.

Manolo Sanchís, Real Madrid / Clive Mason 

The last name Sanchís is linked to Real Madrid. Manuel played for the Whites between 1965 and 1971, winning a European Cup, four Leagues and a Generalissimo Cup. His son Manolo wore white throughout his career and won two Champions League titles, among other titles. They both played as defenders.

Thiago and Rafinha Alcántara / QUIQUE GARCIA

Mazinho developed his career as a footballer between Brazil, Italy and Spain and was part of the best Celta de Vigo in history between 1996 and 2000. His children were trained in the Barcelona youth academy. Rafinha also went through Celta, Inter and now plays for PSG. Thiago won everything with Bayern and has been playing for Liverpool for a year.

Marcos Alonso, European champion with Chelsea / Carl Recine – Pool 

Another family that is linked to the world of football is the Alonso family. Marquitos was a Real Madrid legend and a member of that mythical team that won the five consecutive European Cups, among other titles. His son Marcos Alonso Peña played for Racing de Santander, Atlético de Madrid, FC Barcelona and Logroñés.

And now it is Marcos Alonso Mendoza who continues the family tradition in the ranks of Chelsea with whom he has also just been proclaimed European champion.

Marcos Llorente, Atlético de Madrid

Marcos Llorente has football in his veins. His father Paco played in the ranks of Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid, among others. And his son followed in his footsteps. After failing to gain a foothold in the Whites, Marcos now triumphs at Atlético de Madrid. But the footballer gene does not come only from his father: he is the nephew of Julio Llorente, the grandson of Ramón Grosso and the great-nephew of Paco Gento, among others. All of them defended the Real Madrid shirt.

Giovanni Simeone in the ranks of the Hellas Verona / Emilio Andreoli 

Diego Simeone triumphs on the Atlético de Madrid bench, but he also did it on the pitch. The Argentine wore the shirts of Sevilla, Inter, Lazio, Racing de Avellaneda and also Atleti. Giovani made his debut in the ranks of River Plate and in 2016 he made the jump to Serie A. In the last summer market he signed for Hellas Verona.

Alf Inge Haaland, Nottingham Forest

Erling Haaland is one of the most desired forwards by the big clubs and is set to be one of the leaders of the world of football in the not too distant future. The Norwegian can be at the height of the great scorers in history. But before him, his father Alf-Inge was already running through the fields of the Premier, however an injury cut short his career.

In 1997 Roy Keane was injured in a fortuitous action with Alf-Inge. Four years later it was Keane who injured Haaland in the knee and after failing to recover he was forced to hang up his boots.

Justin Kluivert, Nice / John Berry

Patrick Kluivert is one of the great players in the history of the Netherlands and he made his mark wherever he went. At Ajax, Milan, Barcelona or Newcastle they still remember their goals. His son Justin debuted at the age of 17 in the ranks of Ajax and he is also very talented, although he still needs to reach the figures of a father. This summer he signed for Nice.

Roko Šimić / BSR Agency 

As we say, the Šimić almost is the last to come to light. Dario was a retired Croatian defender in 2010. Throughout his career he wore the shirts of Dinamo Zagreb, Inter Milan, Milan and Monaco. His son Roko could follow in his footsteps since at 18 the rossonero team has noticed him and since the Gazzetta dello Sport They report that they will go after him. Of course, Roko preferred to play as a forward and not behind like his father. Currently he is a member of the Liefering.

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