The five major league wins-Naples

The five major league wins-Naples缩略图

The luxurious lineup of Manchester City and Paris is enviable, Bayern staged daily massacres, Real Madrid’s heritage is unmatched, Milan’s youth is unstoppable…Europe’s top leagues have never lacked aristocracy, but they often give birth to careerists—who would have thought, new So far this season, the team that has won the five major leagues will be Naples. It is not a traditional giant, nor is it the “cosmic team” in the eyes of fans. This team from the south coast of Italy is making history in the nourishment of dreams.

In a Serie A match that ended early this morning, Beijing time, Naples encountered strong resistance from the Red Bulls Turin. During the match, Signe missed a penalty for the third time in the season. However, Naples still relied on Osmeen to “strengthen the mountain.” The domineering header of “Fighting the World” won three points. At this point, Spalletti’s team has won eight consecutive Serie A wins in the new season, and continues to lead the standings with a record of complete victories.

Speaking of Naples, many fans will think of words such as “gorgeous football” and “nervous knife”. This southern Italian team once had a peerless champion like Maradona, and supported the ambitions of the South in the Apennines where the gap between the rich and the poor is wide. Perhaps it is the unyielding gene that has penetrated into the bone marrow. Even though it was bankrupt and relegated 17 years ago, Naples can still return to Serie A step by step and continue to promote its football philosophy.

In the second decade of the 21st century, Juventus, who once won nine consecutive league championships, was the absolute ruler of Serie A. During this period, Rome and Naples played the role of challengers. The story of Naples is particularly tragic-the 2015/16 season. , Juventus had a bad start, Naples led the way for a long time, and they had no choice but to watch the zebras rush; in the 2017/18 season, they even won the battle with Juventus at Tianwangshan, but they missed a good situation and missed the Serie A champion.

Such Naples is sad and heroic. You can even get a glimpse of the amorous feelings of the southern coast of Italy from the football performance at the Maradona Stadium. In this city where fans complain about the “mafia and the spread of bad public order”, in addition to the romance of the Mediterranean, in addition to street tunes, Venetian boat songs, Sicilian dance music, “My Sun”, and football passion. Only in this way, the ball king will be so affectionate for this land.

A city bathed in hot sunshine can certainly nurture a team that “doesn’t know the heights of the earth”. For a long time, Naples has the reputation of “the first nerve knife in Serie A”. In the 2011/12 season of the Champions League, they were in the dead group with Bayern, Manchester City and Villarreal, and they forced the ambitious Blue Moon out of the group; they were again among the dead in the 2013/14 season. Group, but “out of 12 points” unprecedentedly.

If you want to attack, you must be willing and unrestrained, and if you want to fight for your life, you will be fully committed. This is the label of Naples for a long time. As a result, the team sent Cavani away and can still find Higuain, and bid farewell to the pistol to find the third dead. In Italy, which has a distinctive defensive artistic label, Naples’ football philosophy has always been linked to wildness, as if it were an alternative to Apennines. Perhaps because of this, the “Sariism” known for its gorgeousness has become famous in the world together with Naples.

After Sarri, Ancelotti and Gattuso have become the coaches of Naples. The team’s style has gradually become “moderate”, but some of the genes in the bones are difficult to change. Although they only ranked 7th and 5th in Serie A in the past two seasons, although the golden lineup built by Sarri has gradually changed its appearance, Naples football still has dreams. They have Insigne, Osmeen, and Coulibaly, there are also a group of fighters with passion and dreams.

Due to missing the Champions League qualification last season, Gattuso finally dismissed from Naples and Spalletti picked up the pointer. Regardless of the luxury of the lineup or the position of the coach, this Serie A leader is not considered the top of Serie A, but they embraced a stunning start-a wave of eight consecutive victories, allowing them to tie the best league start in team history Records, such a record, are beyond the reach of the traditional top three.

Of course, with the current dominance of Naples, it cannot be compared with the Sarri era, and the past three games are the best proof. In the Europa League against Sparta Moscow, they suffered a reversal when they were sent off first; they faced Fiorentina in the last round of the league, and it was very difficult to achieve a reversal; this round faced the menacing Turin until the last minute. Three points. With the depth of the Naples lineup, it is difficult for them to consistently advance in two-line combat.

This season’s Serie A, Milan’s youth storm has become more mature, Inter Milan still retains a certain degree of combat effectiveness, Juventus is gradually regaining its form, in addition to Mourinho’s Rome, Sarri’s Lazio gearing up for several consecutive seasons No one in Atlanta, which has a strong performance, dared to underestimate it. Coinciding with the troubled times of Serie A, Naples is facing huge challenges and opportunities. It is not easy to copy the feat of Maradona’s dominion in the Apennine era.

With the continuous development of football, the top league competition is the thickness of the lineup and the stability of the state, which is not an advantage over traditional giants in Naples. But even if you smashed in front of your dreams again, the story of glory and passion is moving enough. Perhaps as the saying goes: “Look at Naples, then die.” Even if the beauty of a strong man’s arm is only a moment, it is still enough to be remembered, isn’t it?

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