How many people work at a soccer club?

How many people work at a soccer club?缩略图

Do you think that soccer clubs only have coaches and players?

No, A football club contains not only players and coaches but also staff.The staff is responsible for the daily operation of the soccer clubIn addition to the board of directors, the team is mainly divided into the following parts, namely the coaching staff, the medical staff and the logistics staff. As for how many people have positions required, it is usually determined by the respective board of directors and the head coach/manager. Usually the staff is about 100. Up to 800 people, but mainly the following positions:

Coaching staff

  • Head coach
  • Assistant manager

this character is the right hand of the Technical Director He has the main function of knowing completely the way of working and personality of the primary coach as well as of each player, and in this way to understand when things are working out or terribly, in the same way, they should straight recommend the head coach about a gamer, match or training.

  • Auxiliary coach
  • Fitness coach
  • Defencing coach
  • Goalkeeping coach
  • Headof international scouting
  • Headof national scouting
  • Scoutings
  • Matchanalyst
  • Video analyst

Before playing a game, you need to initially know the rival, this is the function of the tactical expert likewise called “hunting”, a job as complex as it is important considering that they should identify the different patterns of play that the competing group normally utilizes and adapt it to the group’s way of playing. With patterns recommendation is made to offensive and defensive techniques, set pieces methods, placing with and without the ball in addition to other aspects which can be analytical and private, so in addition to understanding the opposing group they need to also study their players separately, according to 3 4 Three.

Medical staff

  • Physiotherapist

With so much effort and training it is important to take care of the physical condition of the players to avoid injuries or accelerate their recovery. For this there are the physiotherapists, who first assess the possible injuries of the players and help in their recovery, establishing special exercises for the affected area. In this case there are also the masseurs, who work directly with the players after finishing the matches or intense training days, decreasing the muscle tension caused by physical effort and thus reducing the chances of injury and improving recovery through specific massages for each zone and problem, according to Football Stadium.

  • Psychologist

In addition to the physical, it is also essential that the minds of the players be stable and concentrated, for this reason the coaching staff has a sports psychologist who will be in charge of managing the emotions of each player, treating the anxiety caused by the competition and reducing stress while it seeks to maintain and optimize the concentration and attention of the soccer players. On the other hand, a sports psychologist also does everything possible to improve the self-esteem of the entire team and achieve harmony among the entire group, for this they must know the personality of each of the team’s players and thus properly manage the egos, in accordance with Sport And Psychology.

  • Doctor
  • Cardiologist
  • Nutrition adviser

The nutritionist is in charge of determining the nutrient and vitamin requirements that each gamer needs and establishing a diet plan with specified schedules, in order to preserve a sufficient physical condition, improve healing and boost efficiency. The nutritional experts are complemented by the training personnel to understand the number of games and training that the gamers have and therefore change the diet to the demands of the season, according to the Sixth Ring evaluation. It is essential that they take into consideration the preparation and taste of the meals they assign, so that the gamers can access and fulfill the requirements.

  • Recovery trainer

Logistics staff

  • Team liaison
  • Director of football
  • Academy director
  • Sport director
  • B team coach
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice secretary
  • Technical secretary of the football first team
  • Technical secretary of professional youth football

West Ham United’s staff group photo for the 2015-16 season included all the club’s employees, with a total of 268 people!

The specific distribution of these 268 people is as follows:

3 high-level clubs, 29 first-team players, 23 first-team coaches, 15 club staff, 38 medical insurance, 3 directors, 15 charity foundations, 2 stadium management, 12 authorized merchandise, young people 2 people in the learning center, 1 person in the training field management, 11 people in the current stadium ticketing, 2 people in the electronic communication, 6 people in the new stadium ticketing, 3 guards and security guards, 9 people in the social network, 14 people in the game day service, 11 people in the market public relations, and stadium maintenance 11 people, 34 youth academy players, 1 club secretary.

The number of employees in West Ham United is by no means the largest in the Premier League. After all, in the Premier League’s annual sponsorship income rankings, this team only ranks in the middle. Therefore, in the size of the club and even in the business area, it cannot compete with Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool and other world-class giants are on par.

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