Bundesliga: The top 10 young players to watch in 2020/21

Bundesliga: The top 10 young players to watch  in 2020/21缩略图

In recent seasons, the Bundesliga’s geniuses have been produced one after another. Dortmund’s Mukoko and Bayern’s Musharra have been labeled as “Rising Stars”, but it seems that Wertz from Leverkusen is relatively inconsistent. Yan is at the forefront. His position is more stable, his playing time is more abundant, and his statistics are more eye-catching. Since the beginning of the Bundesliga, Wiltz, who has been absent due to injury and has been substituted, is a veritable efficiency king. He has scored 4 goals and 4 goals in 6 games. With 5 assists, it once became a hot topic of making an average of 1 goal every 37 minutes.

Appreciation and acquisition of beautiful things are instinct. Dortmund, who is accustomed to collecting and cultivating the back waves, sometimes loses its feet. At the beginning, this piece of meat was successfully cut by Leverkusen. What is even more incredible is that the pharmaceutical factory only It took 200,000 euros to complete the deal from the mortal enemy Cologne. It is unclear whether Cologne, who sold Wertz at a low price, was “thinking about life”, but it goes without saying that even the director of Cologne couldn’t help but conceal himself: “The club must learn a lesson from this departure. It’s uncomfortable.” In addition, Wiltz used goals in the derby to strengthen his impression of “made in Cologne” for the old club.

Cologne’s regrets and Leverkusen’s emotions are in sharp contrast. We must know that since joining, Wirtz’s growth rate can be described as barbaric and has created a series of records. At the age of 17 years and 15 days, he joined Leverkusen for less than 4 months and became the youngest player in the history of the Bundesliga. At the age of 17 years and 34 days, he became the youngest scorer in the history of the Bundesliga. (Later it was broken by Mukoko); at the age of 17 years and 159 days he became the youngest player in the history of the German U21, at the age of 17 years and 11 months he became the youngest German international in the Loew era; at the age of 18 years and 122 days he became a free player The third youngest player in the German team’s debut since 1945; at the age of 18 and 145 days, he became the youngest player in the Bundesliga to reach double-digit goals.

It’s hard to imagine that Wiertz is only a junior born in 2003, and only joined Leverkusen’s new force in January 2020. But in less than two years, the fledgling Bundesliga rookie is worth more than 20. Ten thousand euros soared to 65 million euros, so the successful “Taobao” Leverkusen extended Wiertz’s contract to 2026 in one breath, and the contract did not include the terms of termination money, which means that geniuses are being watched by the rich. At the same time, it also formed a wall to stay away. In Waller’s words: “Although Leverkusen is self-sufficient, it has no plan to sell Wiltz.” Of course, it can also be understood as an old saying in the business field.

In the early days of becoming famous, continuity and stability are the motivations for the giants willing to pay big money. Imagine that Haaland has scored a lot in Dortmund in these two seasons, but the giants are facing a bid of more than 100 million euros this summer. The standard line did not cut the mess, which involves the frugal of food and clothing under the epidemic, but it is also about the straightforward truth of what you pay for, and Wiltz, who has only officially entered the public’s view from January 2020, It is a little red man. On the sample of time, Wirtz shows the dazzling light of young and old, but for onlookers, it is also mixed with long expectations and wait and see in the future.

The critical point between good and bad is so unclear in the face of time difference. Inter Milan CEO Marotta’s recent speech is very topical: “One of my biggest regrets is that I had the opportunity to spend 2 million yuan at Juventus. The Euro signs Haaland.” With the passage of time, the value of Norwegian geniuses has risen, but the trade-off between buying and selling has become complicated. On the one hand, they don’t want to lose easily and on the other they don’t want to “vomit blood”. It is conceivable that players are generally worth a premium. At the moment, it is reasonable that the relationship between the newly emerging Wirtz and the giants temporarily exists in the scandal stage.

Different from Juventus when Marotta was in power, Leverkusen must be stealing pleasure at the moment. “When you find a genius standing at your door, inaction is my negligence.” Waller’s pride Feeling spontaneously. In addition to the diversity of offensive positions, the seemingly weak Wertz averaged 12.1 kilometers per 90 minutes this season. When Wiertz was riding the wind and waves, Leverkusen was on par with Bayern in the standings. Although it is a luxury dream to win the Bundesliga title, on the road to becoming better and stronger, Wiertz personally and the pharmaceut

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