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Famous for his prowess on the soccer field, Cristiano Ronaldo has played for both Manchester United and Real Madrid. He currently serves as the captain for Portugal’s national team. Over the course of his career, Ronaldo shattered multiple records. Born on February 5th of 1985, he grew up on the working-class island of Madeira with his three elder siblings. While his father died in 2005 of kidney disease, he had a huge impact on Cristiano’s future; this equipment manager introduced his son to soccer. By the age of ten, Cristiano was something of a local soccer celebrity. Less than six years later, at the age of sixteen, he was recruited by Manchester United for contract totaling 12 million pounds. The footballer went on to win FIFA World Player of the year, the ballon d’or, and the coveted golden boot. His educational record is far less impressive. He never graduated high school.

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Ronaldo played for Andorinha from 1992 to 1995,where his father was the kit man,and later spent two years with Nacional. In 1997, aged 12, he went on a three-day trial with Sporting CP, who signed him for a fee of £1,500.He subsequently moved from Madeira to Alcochete, near Lisbon, to join Sporting’s youth academy.By age 14, Ronaldo believed he had the ability to play semi-professionally and agreed with his mother to cease his education to focus entirely on football.While popular with other students at school, he had been expelled after throwing a chair at his teacher, who he said had “disrespected” him.

In Ronaldo’s documentary, he mentioned that he was naughty when he was young and only wanted to play football, so his academic performance was not good. But Portugal has 12 years of compulsory education (equivalent to the second year of high school).

Ronaldo was educated at the youth academy when he joined Sporting Lisbon at the age of 11, so he only has a junior high school education level. But Cristiano Ronaldo speaks at least three languages, and a degree means nothing to him.

Cristiano Ronaldo Education:Sporting CP Youth Academy

Cristiano Ronaldo speaks 4 languages:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • and Portuguese

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